Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My first ever order

So I've finally had my first ever paid order for my cupcakes! I'd taken some cupcakes into work with me, and my assistant manager asked me to make a dozen for her daughters birthday. Just plain vanilla cupcakes with pink icing and little wafer daisies on them, but girly enough that her daughter will love them.

They were supposed to be for the weekend just past, so friday I duly baked and iced them, and gave work a call to drop my assistant manager a line of how much they would cost, only to find she was off sick. I left a message and one of the supervisors said they'd drop her a line. Saturday morning I went into work, and she was still off sick. It transpired she'd actually cancelled but I'd not picked up the answerphone message. So this friday will see round two, and hopefully this time she'll get her cakes.