Thursday, 3 February 2011

Valentines Day

So, I've had my baking cap on this week, and been making a lot of heart shaped and love related, baked goods.

I started off with Strawberry Creams, effectively pure sugar and definitely not kiddie friendly! Then made some strawberry cookies, again pretty sweet, and decorated them with pink icing to say Happy Valentines Day, my parents are busy devouring them, which means I need to whip up another batch before 13th February. My final masterpiece (I hope!) is baking as I type. Vanilla and Strawberry Layered Cupcakes in heart shaped silicone baking cases. The timer has just gone off! Time to test them. Eeeeeee! They have cooked and dont look stuck to the cases, final test is if the bottom layer stayed pink... and voila! My little moment of cupcake win.