Monday, 4 October 2010

Cupcakes, Birthdays and Biscuits.

My client finally got her cupcakes, and her husband declared he was going to divorce her and marry me instead! High praise indeed, but no wedding bells yet, I have enough of everyone elses love lives to deal with without my own!

I've been commissioned for a few more cakes, including a set of cupcakes for wednesday, for some of my collegues at work, including trying to make one that looks like a sheep... that one may have to wait until I'm more focused. Several of my collegues have complained they've not tried my cakes yet, so I'm trying to get them in for when they are, but its proving difficult.

I've decided that this week is biscuit week, and possibly bread week. I'm feeling more savoury this week, so some fresh bread and savoury snacks would be a good idea. I think I'll make some ANZAC biscuits, and debate what savoury foods would be good to make.

Planning for halloween baking has also begun, alongside planning the menu for my bonfire night party.

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